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Building and sustaining a creative practice in the face of all of life's challenges in no easy feat. After a couple decades of growing her life as a working artist, Sarah Carr is happy to be able to share what she has learned with other creatives.


In addition to being a Certified Life Coach Practitioner through the Academy of Applied Modern Psychology, Sarah also has over two decades of experience as a movement instructor, including almost a decade as the owner and lead trainer of successful boutique Pilates studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She finds that many of the strategies she used to help clients gain strength and confidence work just as well for people struggling to reconnect with their creativity and make imagination a daily part of their lives.


Sarah works with creatives, artists, and makers of all stripes to help identify roadblocks and overcome them, unleashing fearless creativity-- but she also loves working with people who don't consider themselves "artistic" or "creative", to help them rediscover their innate ability to visualize and manifest creative ideas into the physical world.