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About Imaginary Living

Imaginary Living started out as a hand-illustrated quarter-page zine, created and distributed by Sarah Carr in 2007. It was fantasy-focused, with articles about the release of the last Harry Potter book (seems so long ago!) as well as Sarah's favorite music and art. The name has hung around for a while, surfacing from time to time as Sarah has explored different ways of getting her work out into the world.


Today, Imaginary Living exists as gathering place for creative spirits who want to bring elements of fantasy into their modern lives. We offer courses, online and in person, through the Academy of Imaginary Living to help our members learn how hand-craft a unique, magical existence. Initiates (what we call our course participants) also gain access to our supportive community, where you can share you triumphs and find support when you need it. 

You can also shop for specialty items, creative kits, and downloadable tools for creative living in our online shop. Visit our blog for mini-projects and inspiration, and follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube

About Sarah

Artist Sarah Carr is the creative force behind Imaginary Living, and lives in Seattle, Washington. She is the Artistic Director of multimedia theater company WeftWorks, making masks, costumes, and puppets as well as designing sets and lighting. Her fine art practice is focused on fiber, especially handmade felt, and can be viewed at


Sarah's mother Susan Carr was a public school art teacher and an artist, so Sarah grew up in a house overflowing with art supples. Fearless creative experimentation was an organic part of her childhood. She brings this passion for discovery to her own creative practice. As a teaching artist, she endeavors to help others learn to follow their creative intuition, and to bring ideas forth from the imagination into the material world.

Sarah has a degree in cultural anthropology, which reinforces her understanding of creativity as one of humankind's most defining characteristics. She takes great pleasure in helping others discover the magic of making something with their own hands. 

You can contact Sarah directly at

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